Harnessed by the warmth and touch of her hands, wool emerges in a new dimension.


 I really can't stop my hands from touching and transforming wool. The wild fibers take shape in my dreams, processes own my muscle memory, and the potentialities of sculptural forms flow from every breath of my creative spirit.

Learn Kristy's Technique 

Kristy offers felting and dyeing workshops every spring and summer in her Portland, Oregon studio.

She also offers a unique experience for felters to learn new techniques in textural felt making from the comfort of their own homes. These home courses are supported with online video demonstrations, chat rooms for students to share work and receive instructor comments, and thoughtfully prepared tutorials containing tutorials and required materials.

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A Passion for Fine Craft

Kristy forged her artistic mettle apprenticing as a woodworker and upholsterer during her early twenties. Dedicating thirteen years to building mortise and tenon constructed furniture from reclaimed wood, her respect for materials and craftsmanship in their reverential structure, is planted deep. 

Her work advances the sculptural capabilities of hand-made wool felt,  drawing on woodworking to create complex joinery and sculptural forms in fiber. Hand-constructed frames and distinctive mountings meld her revelations into the fusion of structures she creates today.